japanese kimono obi belt
Japanese interior decoration: vases, scrolls, bronze and porcelain
japanese antique porcelain figurine of KOMAINU with Lucky Mallet, Kutani, 1930's
Japanese Porecain Figure of Komainu A-256
Japanese Kutani porcelain figure of a mythical creature KOMAINU or Lion-Dog guard of Buddha with Lucky Mallet.
time: 1930's
dimensions: 27.5 cm / 10.8 inches high

Price: US$ 780.00

japanese mask
Japanese Noh Theatre Ceramic Mask D-063
Japanese Noh Theatre Character ceramic mask of Ko Omote depicting young beauty.
time: Hakata, 1960's
dimensions: 20.5 x 13,5 cm / 8.0 x 5.3 inches high

Price: US$ 90.00

japanese art: bronze antique figurine of Two Birds
Japanese Antique Bronze Sculpture A-198
Two small birds among roof's wreckage
time: Meiji period, 1890's.
dimensions: 15 x 30 cm / 5.9 x 11.8 inches

Price: US$ 520.00

japanese ceramic derorative Noh theatre  mask of Chujo Hime
Japanese Noh Theatre Ceramic Mask D-063-2
Japanese Noh Theatre Character ceramic mask of Chujo Hime (Princess Chujo) depicting a young noble lady.
time: 1950-60's Hakata
dimensions: 19.5 / 7.7 inches high

Price: US$ 95.00

japanese antique censer in shape of a little Boy sitting with Mask, Edo period
Japanese Antique Imari Censer A-207
Very rare Japanese antique porcelain censer (kouro) in a shape of a little child sitting with big festival mask of Shi-shi (Lion of Buddha) on his head.
time: Late Edo period
dimensions: 21 cm

Price: US$ 650.00

satsuma vase in namban style, Meiji, 1900's
Japanese Antique Satsuma Vase P-122
Japanese Satsuma porcelain vase in Namban style with the scene of first foreigner's visit to Japan. Hand Painted, Gilded and Over-glazed
time: 1900's Meiji period
dimensions: 30.5 cm / 12.0 inches high


japanese kutani hand painted vase, Taisho era, 1920's
Japanese Porcelain Kutani Vase P-079
Japanese Kutani porcelain vase with the picturesque mountain landscape near the monastery. Hand Painted, Gilded and Over-glazed
time: 1920's Taisho period
dimensions: 25.0 cm / 9.8 inches high

Price: US$ 570.00

japanese calligraphy on scroll
Japanese Calligraphy Scroll D-148
Japanese Calligraphy on scroll
time: Showa period,
dimensions: 187 x 58 cm / 73,6 x 22,8 inches

Price: US$ 300.00

japanese painting on scroll
Japanese Antique Scroll Painting D-114
Japanese picture on scroll 'Nostalgia', signed by Hosai (1848 - 1920), the famous Japanese artist .
time: Meiji-Taisho period,
dimensions: 162 x 48 cm / 63,7 x 18,8 inches

Price: US$ 450.00

japanese paintig on scroll, paper, ink, 1950's
Japanese Antique Scroll Painting D-146
Japanese antique picture on scroll 'Nightingale on Bamboo Branch', signed by Taiju
time: Taisho period, about 1920''s
dimensions: 127 x 55 cm / 50 x 21.6 inches

Price: US$ 310.00

japanese antique picture on scroll : Dancing Lady with fan, 1920's
Japanese Scroll Painting D-194
Japanese antique painting on scroll 'Sanbanso Dancer' with dancing young lady with folding fan and drum in her hands.
time: Taisho- early Showa period.
dimensions: 120 x 51 cm / 47,2 x 20 inches

Price: US$ 420.00

japanese cloisonne vase
Japanese Antique Ando Cloisonné Vase V-016
Japanese antique Ando cloisonné (enamel) vase with bamboo motif against rich yellow background. Marked as Ando work on the base
time: Taisho period, c. 1912-1926.
dimensions: 24.1 cm / 9.5 inches high

Price: US$ 450.00

Japanese Antique Cloisonné Vase V-017
Japanese antique cloisonné (enamel) vase with nightingale on cherry blossom branch motif against rich turquoise-blue background. Unsigned
time: probably end of Meiji period
dimensions: 18.6 cm / 7.3 inches high


Japanese Antique Cloisonné Vase V-003
Japanese antique cloisonné (enamel) vase with chrysanthemum and cherry blossom on light creamy background on beautiful form.
time: 1930-50's
dimensions: 24.0 cm / 9.4 inches high

Price: US$ 420.00

japanese antique picture on scroll Two fishes, 1930's
Japanese Scroll Painting D-303
Japanese antique painting on scroll with two fishes in a pond with water lilies .
time: Taisho- early Showa period.
dimensions: 103 x 40,5 cm / 40,5 x 15,9 inches

Price: US$ 280.00

geisha with blue scarf, Japanese framed relief
Japanese Hakata clay framed relief D-207
Geisha with blue head scarf, framed clay relief.
time: 1950's
dimensions: 33 x 41 cm / 12, 9 x 16.1 inches

Price: US$ 310.00

Japanese bronze vase with relief, 1920's
Japanese bronze vase with relief V-024
Japanese bronze vase with picturesque relief .
time: 1950's
dimensions: 21 cm / 8.3 inches high

Price: US$ 620.00

Japanese antique wooden lacquered box, 1900's
Japanese antique lacquered hand painted locker AC-057
Japanese antique wooden carved and hand painted locker cabinet with bronze decor and with eight compartments and one door with key
time: Meiji era
dimensions: 33 cm / 12.9 inches high

Price: US$ 1 260.00


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