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Japanese Kimonos and Yukata Catalogue. Japanese Man's Kimono Gown. Page 1, 2
Japanese Man's Modern  Kimono  and Yukata Catalogue. Japanese kimono is elegant and stylish home gown and unforgettable gift for loved ones!  Kimono can be worn along with obi sash belt and traditional Japanese sandals zori and setta. We send our kimono and yukata worldwide directly from Japan.
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Japanese man's pure silk  kimono gown
Japanese pure silk kimono, blue, red and black colors. -SOLD OUT
japanese man's  kimono, cotton 100%. The Japonic Online Store
Short Kimono Ten-Ryu
Japanese cotton short kimono, black color, US$ 84.50
japanese man's cotton yukata
Yukata Kanji
Cotton yukata, navy-blue and white colors US$ 85.80 / 89.50
japanese man's embroidered kimono Tiger
Kimono Tiger
Cotton embroidered  kimono, black and wine-red colors, US$ 148.50
japanese man's cotton kimono is stylish home gown
Japanese cotton kimono, black and dark-blue colors, US$ 89.95
japanese traditional  jacket HANTEN, unisex
Japanese Traditional Jacket, Cotton  -SOLD OUT-
Japanese man's pure silk  kimono gown
Silk Kimono Kabuki
100% silk kimono, dark-blue, red,  black. -SOLD OUT-
japanese man's cotton yukata
Kimono Sensu
Cotton kimono, black color, US$ 85.50 / 89.80
japanese man's yukata
Yukata Onsen
Cotton yukata, white, black colors, US$ 88.50 / 91.60
Japanese man's embroidered short kimono w/lining
Golden Dragon
Embroidered short kimono  -SOLD OUT-
japanese traditional man's yukata
Yukata Tradition
Japanese cotton yukata, US$ 85.50 / 89.50 (for 3L-size)
short kimono ZEN
Short Kimono Zen
Cotton embroidered short kimono, black color -SOLD OUT-
japanese kimono, cotton 100%. The Japonic Online Store
Kimono Monzuki
Japanese cotton kimono, black color, US$ 89.80
japanese traditional sleeveless jacket HANTEN, unisex
Japanese Traditional Jacket, Cotton, -SOLD OUT
japanese man's pure silk modern kimono. The Japonic Online Store
Kimono Taira
Pure silk kimono, black, navy-blue and ivory colors, US$ 198.30
japanese man's cotton yukata (summer kimono)
Kimono Sengoku
Japanese cotton yukata, dark-blue and black colors, US$ 89.95 / 92.90
japanese man's pure silk kimono style wrapper
Japanese 100% silk short kimono, black colors, -SOLD OUT-
japanese man's cotton short  kimono AOYAMA
Cotton short kimono
US$ 88.50
japanese embroidered short kimono
Short embroidered kimono, black, w-red colors US$ 129.50
japanese man's cotton yukata
Yukata Benkei
Japanese cotton, double colored kimono, -SOLD OUT-

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